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    Hello I really wanted to start a family with my husband but we settled on him buying me a baby bunny instead and now I treat my bunny as he would be my child I wonder whether this will change over time any ideas?

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    Well, that's a million dollar question... (And I guess it's probably better suited to the "general chat" category than rabbit housing, but since you asked...) Will people change? Just my twopence' worth with a total disclaimer: as a bloke - and a father of two - I would only say, most men are quite vain, so you might have better chance with planting the message of how much you want his baby as opposed to a baby...

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    Asking if your husband will change is mind or if you treating your rabbit as a supplement child will change?

    The former - some men, like women just simply do not want children. My partner is in his 40s and never had the desire.
    The latter - it's a dangerous thing to use animals as a supplement for a real child. Ensure you're aware of rabbit body language, and their need for rabbit company. I call my rabbits "my girls" and refer to myself as their mum and my partner as their daddy but ultimately they are rabbits and they are treated as such.

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    I have children and rabbits. They are all my babies, but actually, in truth, the rabbits are pets as opposed to substitute children. I think the need to ‘save’ animals does come from the same nurturing sense. I do know of 2 women who collected pets, far too many pets actually, when they struggled to have children. But I don’t think, in my opinion, that this means that everyone does this. As DP says, some people just don’t want to. Rabbits are cute though, and they don’t take up all the WiFi bandwidth....



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