Happy New Year to all, and of course to your furry friends!

I have a beautiful c.14 week old little doe, who is sweet as can be - curious, friendly, affectionate and a true little snuggle-bunny.
Happy as can be, always demanding strokes and happy to groom your leg (no idea why leg!) in return.

She was showing promising litter habits - peeing in (or occasionally next to) the litter box..

About 2 weeks ago she suddenly started spraying... everywhere. ...well, 3 main spots to be exact (two corners of the lounge and across her pen), but when she does it, it goes everywhere:
Up walls, across the carpet, all over her pen, wherever she deigns fit for her scent. If it wasn't such a nightmare to clear up, it would actually be quite a phenomenon in terms of the height and breadth of coverage she achieves! :sigh:

Now I know that spaying can be a problem in un-neutered bucks, but I have not heard of it/not experienced it before in does.
She is not due her neutering until late January, so I still have a way to go, and I'm not even sure if 'puberty' is the issue?
[ I found this interesting article about puberty in buns: http://www.rabbit.org/journal/4-10/sexybunnies.html ]

What do you reckon? Just pubescent lady-bun, or possibly more to it?
And is there anything I can do before I go crazy?!

Thanks as ever and hoping everyone is well x x