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Thread: Should Willow have Panacur?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glingle View Post
    So, Willow went to the vets today for her pre-spay checkup. We saw a vet that had treated Bramble in the past, so I'm familiar with her and trust her rabbit knowledge. She declared Willow to be in perfect health and very pretty. We discussed about the E.C risk and Parsley being on Panacur. She advised that we treat Willow with a 28 day course of Panacur as the spay will stress her system and that could cause the E.C to take hold if she is a carrier. We've therefore postponed her spay for a month and will start the Panacur tonight when Hubby is available to assist in rabbit wrangling!
    Willow was happily rearranging the towel and hay in her carrier whilst we were sat in the waiting room and after being checked over and put back in the carrier could be heard munching hay whilst the vet and I were talking. She's such a little madam.

    This is exactly what my vet advised, in similar circumstances
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    Hmm, so Parsley was given Panacur as a liquid which was given via syringe. Willow has got tubes of the Panacur paste. They are designed for one notch to be given to a 2.5kg rabbit. Willow Chops is 1.3kg, so the vet said that I need to give her half the dose. Anyone got any suggestions about the best way to do this? That'll teach me not to look in the paper bag of medicines before now!



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