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Thread: Winston - 14th March 2012 to 27th December 2017

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    I'm so sorry you lost Winston.Sleep well wee man.

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    So sorry
    The geeky one...

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    So sorry you have had to say goodbye to beautiful Winston. RIP little one .
    Lance got your wings 31/7/13. I will never forget u my gentle sensitive soul x x x Rosie my beautiful baby girl. . Said goodbye on 6/7/15. Brave Code, u made us so proud my gentle boy. Hope all of you is working now my snuffler,
    22 August 2016. Oliver my gentle baby boy, hope you have found the others, 30th July 2017. Will never forget you all my angels.

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    Thinking of you and lucy24 may your memories bring you comfort.

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    Oh gosh Mike and Maisie......................

    RIP little Winston xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuckerbunnies View Post
    Winston - 14th March 2012 to 27th December 2017.

    At 2:30am Wednesday morning Mike had to rush Winston our little Netherland Dwarf to the vet's as he was struggling to breathe as if he was choking. Sadly he had
    a serious heart problem and Mike phoned me to say that we would have to let him go.

    I don't know what to write anymore, my heart has broke so many times it's beyond repair, I've cried time and time again till my eyes feel permanently sore and red.
    Winston you were meant to be here a lot longer than the 4 weeks and 2 days that we had you and we never thought you would leave us so soon or that life would be so unkind to us again.
    I'm so sorry little one that we could not save you God knows if love alone could, you would still be here. I can't believe you are gone that I won't see that cheeky little face again.
    As you make your journey to a better place just remember you were loved and will always be loved , like I said to you every night ' We love you to the moon and back, forever and always '
    Nite nite little man
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

    Run free Winston

    I am so sorry to hear this M. What a terribly sad time for you both
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