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    I'm looking to adopt a couple of rabbits in the New Year and I was wondering about an outdoor setup. I think outdoor would be the best situation for all as I just couldn't give them the same amount of space inside.

    My plan is to get a wooden/steel shed, the shed itself would be about 8ft x 6ft, I plan on putting lino down as flooring and giving them the whole shed as a cage, i would attach an outside run or aviary type connection to it so I could leave them out for some fresh air too. The outside run would be concrete, would this be okay? I don't have a lawn.

    Anyway that's the plan...what do you think? any tips, advice or suggestions?

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    Sounds good, although I would go for a wooden shed not steel as it will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Your run will need to be 8ft x6ft or larger and at least 3ft tall to allow plenty of binky space. Concrete floor would be ok in most cases unless they were prone to sore hocks or Rex breed.

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    That sounds fine to me, I have pretty much the same set up for my fosters rabbits. As zoobec says a metal shed isn’t recommended. The concrete base for the run will make it more predator proof, you can always add grass in containers or dog beds to give them fresh grass. Sheds are great, you can add shelves for the bunnies to hop up on (most of my fosters especially like sitting by the window!) and there’s plenty room for you to sit in the shed and spend time with the bunnies.

    Another option would be something like this

    Good luck & enjoy your bunnies when you get them!

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    Sounds great. Definitely a wooden shed as others have mentioned x
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    Hi, there are some great threads on here with pictures of outdoor set ups. Let us know how you get on!



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