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Thread: Replacing pellets with a forage mix? opinions/alternatives?

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    thankfully I'm not a busy person so I have the time to hand feed the pellet, and Luna is always happy with it. but I know Snoopy utterly hated hand feeding and would try and snatch the others out of hand, it didn't end well. its very bunny dependant.

    soaked pellet always looked nasty, my boy would choose critical care over it!! and he hated the stuff

    try to change the pellet over slowly as not to upset the tummy. perhaps start now and then if he loves it and is fully on it, you could throw the SS if you wanted.

    I didn't realize the burgess one for older rabbits helped joints too. Luna isn't an elderly bun but has arthritis - I wonder if something like that would help her?? (sorry to hijack your thread!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by daphnephoebe View Post
    My girls are pellet free due to dental issues but I have reintroduced pellets over winter as there isn't as much forage available.

    Tonibun - the girls normally get a branch approx 60cm long.
    They will also get a couple handfuls of different forage through the day.
    The main thing when going pellet free I discovered was having at least 3 different hay types available at all times as each hay has a different nutritional value. The different hay is what helps them balance their diet.

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    Very interesting! Not that I am going to try this as having 3 different hays for 48 rabbits just would not be feasible.



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