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Thread: Suitable for bunnies?

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    Default Suitable for bunnies?

    Hi, I just wanted to pick your brains about something. I haven't kept rabbits that long and I normally keep mine outside.... I live in the north of England and recently its snowed and temperatures seem a lot colder than they have been the past few winters, so I am worried it will be one of the coldest winters we've had for awhile. I have two netherland dwarf rabbits and I've been thinking about moving them possibly into the massive conservatory area? The conservatory is heater, but the only trouble is that it's obviously glass and has stone floors..... I've just had a look over a 24h period and the temperature changes in the conservatory from 2.9C to 17.2C, is this too much of a temperature difference for the rabbits?

    Any advice would be much appreciated

    Thank you
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    Hello there. Yes I would definitely say the difference would be too much. I have kept Netherlands outside for nearly 20 years and as long as you cover the hutch etc and give them plenty of bedding they will should be all right. Try to ensure there are no draughts when they are covered up at night. There are some good tips on the recent thread entitled Outdoor Rabbits Paranoia in Rabbit Chat.
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