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Well, we've just had a bit of a hard frost experience. Last week I was getting increasingly worried about recent the cold snap; our rabbits live outdoors and no matter how much I tried, they were just not interested in going up their hutch. Then last Monday the weather forecast said the temperatures would drop to -12 C overnight and our anxiety reached a level where we had to do something. We have a playshed in the garden that is in usable condition - the children are now older so they stopped using it years ago - so we decided to turn it into a rabbit shelter for extreme temperatures. We emptied it of all the old tut, put down newspapers and a thick layer of straw. It looked great and felt warm. We decided to put Willow and Charlie in overnight, just to avoid the worst of the cold.

So as not to stress them out we had the playshed door open all day and gave them a lot of free range time; they were certainly interested and kept running in and out of the playshed. Then we gave them their morning vegetables and pellets in the shed and closed the door so they can get used to the new environment. Charlie looked a bit uneasy but Willow was chilled out as usual. So all was going well. Then the evening came and we went out with their evening meal - normally at this point they almost mug me, jumping around my feet and generally very excited. But not this time. They were both sitting in the most inaccessible corner of their run, looking at me like "Mate, you must be joking. We know what you're up to. No way."

So basically they wouldn't come out of their run and the plan fell apart. They spent the night in their run, as usual. They came to no harm; they were just as happy and lively next morning.

I must draw the conclusions that (a) they don't mind the cold and (b) they are telepathic - which I suspected anyway.

I haven't quite given up yet, I still feed them in the playshed, just in case it gets really-really cold.
I think we've had really similar experiences Lagomorphine. I'm no expert, but sometimes I think people can over exaggerate about rabbits needing to stay warm. Mine have 24/7 access to their run, and whilst their hutch is very dry and full of hay/straw, it is just thin ply and not insulated. I have been getting overly worried about them, but they spend most of their time in the run and don't seem worse for wear one bit.

We had a hard frost this morning and when I came down to feed them they were both already in the run. The only time they really stay sheltered in the hutch is if there's heavy rain. So long as they have lots of hay to nestle in and nibble on I think they're totally fine