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    So Lois is approx 12 weeks old...Pablo of course was an adult bun so had unlimited hay, unlimted acsess to forage and grass, and one small egg cup of pellets per day.
    Lois is currently on unlimted hay (Massive golden boulders), 1 egg cups of pellets 3 times a day, (you can no longer feel her spine as much), and a small hand of whatever the garden has to offer, hawthorn branches, grass, dandilion, bramble all this has been introduced gradually. Shes a big eater and her G.I track seems to be what every bunny Mum dreams of poo wise. No uneaten cecotrophes, lots of big golden poo. Is this diet ok for a 12 week old. P@H tried to sell me vitamin drops with her until I informed then politley that a good diet, unlimted space and companionship was all she requires to help her thrive. Does this sound about right. Baby buns are new to me lol
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    Good on you for telling PAH! You sound like you are doing absolutely fine!

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    Sounds absolutly fine so far.

    Personally I don't feed much pellets (those I can get here are more formulated for farm use, they are treats) but unlimited forage whenever feasable once they are used to it for at least 2 weeks. But there are many ways to do it right, many good, when your bunny is healthy, happy and not too fat stick with it.

    You don't need to feed them for maximum growth rate, that's something important for meat rabbits, not pets. They may take some time longer to grow out (adult size doesn't vary unless it were a very poor diet) but imho that's not a bad thing, rabbits didn't evolve with lots of rich food around. But actually, that's just my opinion.
    Not feeling his spine may indicate that he's a little on the plump side already and the food somewhat too rich (growing buns will gobble up everything you throw at them, and many pellets are flavoured so they keep eating no matter if they are still hungry), I would start to gradually cut back on the pellets to the adult amount.



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