Is one any better than the other? I did read somewhere that carpet isn't good for bunnies' feet, but when I watch Caramel moving about, she seems to move a lot better on the carpet because the lino is a bit slippery underfoot. And now that she has a serious heart condition I do think that ease of movement is extra important.

I had purchased a 4m x 2m bit of lino to be inside the enclosure that we were going to set up for her because I thought she'd be safer and more secure. But she seemed to enjoy having use of the entire room so much that I changed my mind about the enclosure. So at the moment she has mostly carpet and the big bit of lino. She spends most the time on the carpet but that's partly because she quite likes resting under the bed.

I'm thinking of removing the lino, but just want to check that it's okay if she is on carpet virtually all of the time. She also has a little two level hutch in the room which is always open, and that is lined at the top with hay and at the bottom with those straw mat thingies that they can chew, forget their proper name, and a small piece of fleece. She sleeps in the upstairs bit of the hutch at night.

Thanks for any advice - Natalie