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Thread: Gerbils + Set-up

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemiS View Post
    Yeah the grate bit has really tiny holes in, i can't imagine them getting feet stuck. Besides it's only small and up against a wall of glass, they're good climbers but their grip isn't good enough to scale glass
    Yea, I think we'll probably go for that same tank then, it was perfect except for that grate, I think he saw a bad review somewhere but tbh I thought the holes looked too tiny for what the negative review said. Thanks for all your info

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    When we looked after this pair they were lovely Absolutely loved a cardboard tube: they dragged it into the burrow and we never saw it again! Willow and apple sticks didn't last very long either They only got short willow sections of about 6" though, but thick ones. They had an apple twig that was over a foot long and that was reduced to a couple of inch-long pieces in about 8hrs

    I'd never looked after gerbils before: they were a joy to have! Their name means 'clawed warrior' in Mongolian
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