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Thread: Where to order large hutches

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    I've just order a hutch from Kernow pet housing after recommendations from friends who run a couple of rescues that have used them previously. They'll make anything you want, mine is 7x3x3 for my OH's guinea pigs, just over a week from ordering to delivery too!

    Would also recommend Duchy farm kennels we have over 20 of varying ages at the rescue plus I have one at home too, again fab quality and super quick turnaround.
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    Got my hutch from here - man who makes them is really lovely and comes and builds it for you, and you don't pay for it until it's built and you're happy with it. I think he's based in Shrewsbury, but I live in London and he delivers all over

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    We bought ours from

    It is absolutely humongous - cost us about 320 but you get a 6x2x2 hutch sat on top of a run that is 8x6x3 - really good for taking up as little room as possible (as the hutch is on top of the run) whilst giving the rabbits a lot of room to get about.

    The person who runs this (Dave) is incredibly responsive to emails, answers all questions in a matter of hours, and is probably one of few companies I would say offered 'excellent customer service'.

    Thumbs up all round from me!



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