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Thread: Bigger than big hutch cover...

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    Cam and bear live a privileged life in their giant hutch. Unfortunately this means we are struggling to find a cover that would fit the hutch.

    We've currently tied plastic sheeting to the hutch/run which provides rain protection but still gets a bit blowy in the wind and offers little easy access.

    The hutch is 6*2*2 but is custom made so is 5/10cm bigger than the maximum size on the chartwell double cover that has previously been recommended to me.

    Any ideas on protecting the hutch for winter? DIY solutions will be considered... Especially if cheaper!

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    There was someone (on ebay I think) who did bespoke hutch covers, I've not used them myself though.

    Binky free at the bridge Boots, you will never be forgotten xxxx

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    Thanks Zoo. He doesn't have the listing up at the moment but I've scoured the Web and found his contact details . Will try a couple of others too that are on Google.

    Don't think the bunns will have an enjoyable night tonight. Very windy and our makeshift plastic cover is a bit noisy as it puffs up and down with the wind. Better than nothing mind. And they have their closed section to avoid the wind if they want it... But they don't seem to go there so can't mind too much!

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    I've never bothered with covers either on my Ryedale 6x2x2 double storey hutch. Instead we use a large clear tarpaulin and fastened it down using bungee ropes joint together. We screwed a hook in either end of the hutch around the mid height of each level and stretch the bungee ropes from hook to hook. Never had a problem with the wind blowing it loose.

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    Thanks snowflake. Where'd you get the clear tarpaulin from ?



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