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Thread: Carrier for 4 bunnies?

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    I think my main problem with using 2 carriers will be getting through the doors at my vets they are awkward to open even with 1 carrier. Obviously though 4 rabbits in 1 carrier will weigh quite a bit. I manage ok carrying the 3 of them together in the fairly heavy catit cabrio, new bunny is currently around 2kg but that will probably increase slightly and current 3 combined are around the 6kg mark.

    Then there’s the whole scenario of trying to get 4 rabbits into the same carrier without one escaping each time you put another one in

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    The ferplast atlas mini has handles at the top each end so it's easy to carry. Even when I had 4 bunnies in it all weighing 1.5 - 1.7 kg each! They went in ok, I fed them in it every day without sliding the door shut. At the vets no bun wanted to get out but as its front opening it was relatively easy to get the right bunny out!

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