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Thread: Anyone interested in a bunny rescue team effort?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CometLucy195 View Post
    Just a quick update, I mentioned on this thread that I saw a bunny on gumtree living in a pet carrier. My OH was really NOT keen I take on another (I did promise him when I got Dave that he was the last), so I did contact some rescues near me and yesterday the bunny has been picked up and will be neutered, vaccinated and is safe and well. The rescue is a small new one in Nottingham called Star Rescue. The bunny is lovely and Ive offered to help with her vet costs so she's all ready to be adopted. 😀

    This is wonderful news

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    Great news about the bun, CL

    Apologies for the lack of photos, I've managed to upload them to Flickr, but I can't post them without revealing my full name, any ideas? x

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