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Thread: Bunnies have destroyed garden - help!

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    I would suggest artificial grass. We had the same problem the bunnies destroyed our garden, we re-turfed and they destroyed the new turf too! We invested in Namgrass and they absolutely love it, it stays dry all year, drains really well and they can binky around without getting their paws muddy. We also have a tray of fresh grass which they have access to which they munch on and could be replenished as needed.
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    I would worry about them eating the artificial grass. Ours are out for two hours a day and in the year that I have lived here I have not had to mow the lawn once! I have fenced them off the patio so that I can grow some flowers in tubs. There is a LOT of poo though. All over the garden.

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    We've had our bunnies for 3 months now and have just put slabs down to move them shortly... They destroyed it.

    On the plus side. The total slab cost was <100 for cement, slabs, sand. And took about 9 hours on a weekend. Recommend it



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