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Thread: Massive concrete floor room to utilize

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    Default Massive concrete floor room to utilize

    I have the use of a huge room for my rabbits. Its very secure and safe. I use fence panels from those cheap puppy pen type hexagonal runs to fence off an area or currently to fence off the area i dont want them to get too (chest freezer and door etc)
    The floor is concrete and uncovered. I thought of lino or something? they have a big litter tray but tend to dig it out and wee on the floor anyway!
    Any idea's how to utilize a large indoor area would be fab. I'm going to fence large pens as will be introducing two but want to make the pens as interesting and good as possible.

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    Sounds like a super space!'s a real conundrum deciding what to line the floor with, I know! Although carpet is kinder to their paws, they'll sometimes chew it and I worry whether that is safe!
    When I've had or have rabbits inside I tend to put antinox sheeting down to protect the floor (from errant wee!) first, and then secondly, put sheets of cardboard and newspaper on top of that so they have something that has enough grip for them to hop on (plus they can chew it safely!).

    I then regularly change the paper as and where it gets messed on.

    Just an idea, I'm sure the others will have other options too - let us know what yo go for or try!

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    Hi, welcome to the forum

    We've always used lino in our various set ups and it works really well and is easy to mop up any accidents. Obviously don't know where abouts you are, but we've been able to get good value lino from B&M, as if it's a large area it could be expensive to cover. Be prepared that they might try and nibble it though.

    With regards to making it interesting, I'd go for different levels, tunnels, maybe a digging box of some sort, lots of things to explore. Even cardboard boxes with doors cut out.

    Good luck x
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