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Thread: Fiver ~ Gotcha Day Augst 20, 2008 - September 5, 2017

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    Farewell beautiful Fiver

    I am so very sorry MimzMum

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    MM I'm so sorry for your loss. Fiver, sweet are back with your friends now. All bouncing and healed.xxxxxx

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    I'm so sorry you have had to say goodbye to Fiver as well He is with his friends now, though, which was a beautiful gift for you to give him at the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MimzMum View Post
    At around 4 pm this afternoon, My Beloved Fiver went to be with his friends at Rainbow Bridge.

    I cannot even begin to eulogize hm, but wanted to mark his passing.

    Sleep well, little Hrairoo. I'm so sorry we couldn't do anymore for you. This world is a cruel place and you are more fortunate than I, now that you are in Paradise. I will never forget our last day and I hope you and Mimzy and Pip will watch over me. Come rest with me while I try to reconcile this awful day. I need to feel your wee paws beside me.

    I sent a lock of my hair with you. You need something to tickle your ears with in Heaven.

    Love you forever, blessed wee boy. Sweet dreams and no more pain.
    I will take it all on for you now, for that is all I have left.

    Binky free xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Bless you both at this time

    Run free little one.

    Love and hugs to you xx

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    I'm so very sorry. You didn't fail him. Somethings just can't be fixed. You gave him the greatest kindness that you could. Sending hugs xxx

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    My heart breaks for you MM. Sweet dreams beautiful little Fiver, forever loved xx

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    My heart is breaking for you also, losing two precious buns in such a short time. They know you loved them dearly and did your best for them. They both were beautiful tiny little buns .
    Lance got your wings 31/7/13. I will never forget u my gentle sensitive soul x x x Rosie my beautiful baby girl. . Said goodbye on 6/7/15. Brave Code, u made us so proud my gentle boy. Hope all of you is working now my snuffler,
    22 August 2016. Oliver my gentle baby boy, hope you have found the others, 30th July 2017. Will never forget you all my angels.

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    Binky free, Fiver xx I'm so sorry for your loss Mimzmum xx

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    MM, I'm so, so sorry to read that it was the end of the road for little Fiver. Such a precious wee soul. I think of you, Mimzy, Pip, and Fiver each morning when I first see Erasmus, Athena, and Rivergrace. I probably always will now.

    El-ahrairah is watching over them, as they in turn watch over you. I'm sure Mimzy and Pip were overjoyed to be reunited with Fiver, albeit with the bittersweet poignancy of leaving you behind.

    Sending you all of the love I can muster. xxx
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    I'm so sorry MM. It must be very hard losing both in such a short space of time.
    They know love, they were loved and cherished and equally they love you too. I'm sure they'll be watching over you with Pip.

    I read the other day an explanation offered by a six year old as to why animals don't spend so long on the planet as humans do. He believes our purpose is to learn compassion and love. Animals learn this more quickly, so don't have to stay as long. I think this is particularly true of our rabbit friends, but it does make our time with them bitter sweet.

    Binky free Fiver, big hugs to you MM xx



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