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Thread: I think Luna is lonely?

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    Default I think Luna is lonely?

    I feel like Luna is lonely, and I feel so bad for it. its come on so suddenly

    she's always begging for attention, back and fourth between me and my boyfriend nudging, licking, digging - anything to get attention even if she is getting yelled at. she also will not leave my side. today I was studying and Luna fell asleep right under my desk chair, full flop mode. she hardly leaves my side if she can help it.

    whenever I walk in the room (she's now free range in my room during the day) she runs at me at the speed of sound, and head is down for pets - even if I only left for 5 minutes. she acts like I have been gone for days. when I go to leave she looks like a kicked puppy.

    I don't really know what to do or how to help her, I feel pretty bad.

    a friend is out as I can't afford it right now, I'm currently waiting for my boyfriend to start work which will be in the new year. until then its nothing I can consider (he is more than happy to help pay, he wants another bun anyway ) along with that I'd need to change caging as hers wouldn't accommodate two and I have no way of bonding without investing in a new caging system.

    its almost like she's now decided she's over Snoop and wants a friend - at the worst time possible of course!!

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    Maybe you could foster rather than adopt?

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    I have no space for any other cages or another place for the bunnies to go without clashing into Luna. Luna isn't going to enjoy getting accustomed to a new friend for them to leave again. I think she is really craving bun company with how she is acting.

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    Aw, she sounds lovely. A friend might be out of the question for now, but it sounds like she's enjoying the company of you and your boyfriend and at least she isn't outside by herself x

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