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Thread: Chewing on gas pipe?

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    Hello there,

    I'm looking after my friend's rabbits while he is away. Yesterday, one of them managed to slip away from me, and started chewing on a gas pipe. I obviously tried to intervene and managed to lure him away with a carrot (it was in a crevice so I couldn't get to him). What should I do? Should I call someone to look at the pipe? I don't know if I'm being paranoid or not because logically, they can't chew through their cage, so it's unlikely they'd chew through a pipe in under a minute. But i just want to be sure....what do I do?!

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    I'd phone your gas company, explain what has happened and see what they say. Rabbits are little sods for chewing on things they shouldn't and can do more damage than you'd think in a short amount of time.

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    Well, they can bite through power cords without any effort, if the pipes are copper I would at least stick a camera (set for makro) in there and make pictures, to see if there are really big scratches - just to ease your mind, I highly doubt they can do any serious damage to a pipe in short time, even when it's soft copper. If the pipe is chalked, it's more likely it just gnawed the paint off.

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    I'd give the gas company a quick call and ask for some advice from them.
    Copper is a relatively soft metal to work with so could have been scratched, potentionally worse.
    They may recommend turning off the gas until someone can come check it out just to be on safe side.

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