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Thread: It's starting to get riskier- RHD2

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    Default It's starting to get riskier- RHD2

    My beautiful, beautiful rabbits are not vaccinated, with anything. None of them are well enough to be. Even when they were healthier they struggled so much to recover from the vaccines. I think it is likely that even if I put them through it, they would either not survive the vaccine or, if they did, not actually have immunity, as they are all just so unwell.

    But it feels like it's closing in. It's all around us. And I'm scared. Taking the best precautions we can, but nothing is fool proof, when existing this way.

    Today I have to go and get new bales of hay, which has, once again, highlighted the risk, because I could easily be bringing contaminated hay into their home.


    Just feeling ****** today for several reasons, and this is one of them. Just needed to share.

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    Sending hugs. I can understand your concern.

    We have to do the best we can for our rabbits taking into account all the relevant issues. You are not vaccinating for the reasons you've stated, which is what I would do in similar circumstances. You really can't do any more.

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    I empathise T, having once been in a similar situation myself. Not that my empathy is of much use, I just did not want to read and run xx

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    We can only ever do our best for our buns, which is what you are doing, but it's very tough sometimes. Treacle isn't vaccinated against RHD2 either, whilst there is no evidence of it being up here (yet) I know a visitor could probably bring it into the area, it worries me.
    I hope things improve for your beautiful bunnies healthwise xxxxx

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    What an awful worry for you

    (((hugs))) xxx

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    I'm so sorry you're worrying about them but I completely understand why.
    Just keep doing the best you can xx

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    I can completely understand too. Our vet can't get the vaccine, so we have to just live hoping that nothing will introduce it - and yes, it's been found around us, as well. I'm taking normal precautions (no shoes in the house etc) but otherwise just trying to be fatalistic about it - if The Gods want to take our bunnies, they will, and if not, then the bunnies will invariably be ok. That's not an excuse for not doing sensible things, I do all I can - but that's the thing. I do all I can. Otherwise, it is all in the lap of fate.

    I know that's probably not a huge comfort, but I wanted you to know you really aren't the only one and I completely empathise I hope today gets better for you!

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    It's very hard. I have one pair done but one pair not. Charlie because he's too ill To risk it and the other I'm ashamed to say because I couldn't afford it. She has vhd and myxo but with baby on the way I've really struggled. I do worry but at the same time I'm doing all I can financiallly especially since she also has to have regular tooth burring

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    Yes it's so easy to bring the virus in anyhow, but it's also not as virulent as VHD1:

    Frances Harcourt Brown:

    RHDV2 is a variant of RHD. The virus has changed so it has a lower mortality rate. Figures suggests it is between 5-70% so if 100 rabbits met the disease it is possible that only 5 would die and 95 would survive although some of these may be left with some liver damage.

    It's a little bit of comfort. not much, but I do understand the situation you're in, as I've been in the situation where my rabbits were too ill to vaccinate also (on vet's advice)



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