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    A few weeks into rabbit ownership now. All going swimmingly!

    I read a lot about checking a rabbits bottom twice a day for fly strike/other potential issues (this has been triggered by me seeing hundreds of those green bottle flies round my bin). Both rabbits absolutely hate being picked up, and keep kicking until they are either put back down or wriggle free...

    So how do i/we go about checking the bottom?

    Side question, they seem to have chosen a huge area to poo in, which involves some litter tray but mainly the grass, how do we get them to keep it in the tray?

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    For bottom checking, I find it easiest/least stressful to approach with a food they particularly like - something that they'll sit still to eat, rather than trying to run away with. No need to get them up onto your lap or anything, just hand feed it and use it to get them in range. Then I can run my hand up through their fur. I tend to go backwards, if that makes sense? Start at the tail and run my hand up towards their back, so it fluffs up their fur - I find it's too thick to be sure I've checked, otherwise. I've also, in this situation, trained them not to get alarmed by me sliding my hand underneath their bum for a very quick feel. I always get a look of indignation at having violated them so grossly, but I figure they'd prefer that to the alternative!

    Re: litter, are you picking it up and putting it back in their litter tray? I haven't really had a huge problem with this, but I think that's the first tip to try?

    I'm glad it's going well so far



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