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Thread: Urinating everywhere!

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    Default Urinating everywhere!

    I am struggling with my 6 month old doe, who is urinating EVERYWHERE.
    She lives with a 3 year old neutered male who is (or was - it's hard to tell now) fully litter trained.
    Daisy is not spayed, and sadly this is not an option right now where we live.
    But I am desperate for help, so please don't tell me to 'just get her spayed'. If I could I would.

    They live outside, and have a 2 story hutch which is 120 cm x 70cms.
    They also have permanent access to a sheltered run which is 120 x 120cms, with a tunnel leading into an open pen which is 3.5 meters long x 1.5 meters wide.
    They have a lot of space, but the real problem is the wooden hutch.
    The top floor is their 'bedroom' and has 2 litter trays in it which do get a lot of use.
    But in addition Daisy will still urinate all over the floor. I have tried fleece, newspapers, puppy pads, and hay as floor coverings, and she shreds everything and then just urinates on the bare floor (we are talking puddles).
    I am currently using a fleece liner (with absorbent core) and this is very wet, and needs changing daily.

    The bottom floor of the hutch sits directly on concrete, and she also urinates all over this too.
    She rarely urinates in the sheltered run, and never in the large, open pen.

    This is becoming a huge issue, and I also worry that it is not a nice environment for my very clean male.
    Plus Winter is coming and I simply can't be sluicing the hutch out constantly in sub zero temperatures.

    We are currently looking at upgrading them to a larger hutch, but before we do this I need to know if there is a chance of toilet training her, as otherwise we are just giving her more room to make a mess in.
    She has never been restricted, and I am wondering whether I need to start by leaving them just in the 2 story hutch for a few days? This just seems such a small space, given what they are used to.

    Other than this issue she is a happy, lively (manic ) doe, who is an absolute delight and into everything.
    She is extremely closely bonded with my male, and I feel if we could sort this problem out their lives would be so much nicer (not to mention mine too).

    I have read every thread I can on the subject, but am a bit stuck as to the best approach.

    Thank you for any advice you can offer.
    Really - thank you.

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    Spaying would likely be the easiest solution to the problem.

    The only suggestion I can offer if to waterproof the inside of the hutch with some lino and battons nailed to prevent pulling up. Then line the whole inside with blankets/other absorbent materials to soak it up which can either be swapped out daily/twice daily or thrown out daily.

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    Thanks for taking the time to respond - I really do appreciate it.
    Sadly, as I said in my original post, spaying is just not an option where I live.
    So far we have traveled to 3 different vets in two different countries to find someone who will spay her.
    Sadly as spaying is not common (at all) here, the only vet that would be prepared to spay a rabbit is asking for between 800 - 1000 Swiss francs (a minimum of 650 British pounds) as their basic fee.
    Having taken on an nursed a very ill rabbit recently, this is simply an amount we have hanging around for non essential surgery, with a potentially poor outcome (remember rabbits here are rarely spayed, so complications are not uncommon).
    There is nothing I would love more than to be able to have her spayed, and I think if we had know beforehand what an issue this was going to be we would never have taken on rabbits in the first place.
    But we have, and are determined to do the best we can for them.

    If anyone else has any ideas I really would welcome them - we are just desperate to finally have things sorted and see some degree of improvement so we can upgrade their hutch.

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    Where are you rabbits food dishes? The way I managed to litter train mine was to put all food inside the litter tray and have the water bottle where the litter tray is so they have to stand in the tray to drink

    I have her food dish in the litter tray, the hay in a bale over the tray and vegetables all get put in the tray as I find mine eat and poo at the same time.

    The other thing you could do is move the litter tray to where she pees as they tend to do it in the same place.

    Good luck with it.

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