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I've actually been to four this vet business is a nightmare why does no where do savvy rabbit vets One at uni i didn't like so changed to another, then I moved back home for good and signed them up to one I also didn't like, so I found a thread on here for where I live for the guy I saw today. He was definitely the best one i've seen, I just think hes no fuss and down to business so I don't think I fully agree but then I guess from his point of view he has no attachment to Tina and just sees 'suffering' of an old animal. I have another appointment in 2 weeks to discuss further options with him though, he wants to go with the increased metacam for now before checking her over again and altering pain relief. I think he would give her something stronger if i wanted it, it's just his personal opinion hes put across today.

Oh I see, four vets

Well no one can say you don't try!

Perhaps stick with this one then - upping the Metacam may help. I find Tramadol quite good for painful arthritis, but as I say, I use it with ranitidine (to protect the stomach from ulcers and gastric upsets). He may not agree with that.

Yes, he doesn't have the same attachment to Tina, but in my experience, a good vet also has a decent 'bedside manner' with the owner