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Thread: Bonding my Bunny Family

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    Since posting that this morning I decided it wasn't for the best long term due to this reason. I let the baby spend the day with his mum and sister and they've gone back together. Onyx is back to being in his own. He's such a laid back bunny. He's acting no different being on his own tonight to the way he was with the baby last night!!! I'm going to get mum in for her op a week on monday if possible. And go from there. My worry is the young male reaching maturity in the next week and impregnating mum and sister. Fingers crossed I'm safe here! Once we return and get mum neutered we are purchasing another double hutch. I really need to get them paired up with out too high of a risk of babies or fights. So the question is...Neutered dad and daughter together and spayed mum and son, until the youngsters are old enough to neuter??? Or anything else you can suggest???
    This is just not at all what I planned!! The plan was always to neuter them when old enough before anything like this happened. A number of vets that I contacted told me the rabbits had to be 6 months old before they would neuter them The wait along with our not keeping them completely separate led to the litter, for the vet to THEN tell me 2 weeks ago that they do neuter at 4 months but some vets at the surgery don't like doing it too young!! She, however, will do it at 16 weeks. So....we are on a countdown AGAIN!!! Thank you for replying and helping guide me through this nightmare that consumes my every thought and minute researching, reading, discussing.
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