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    Hi all,

    We've had the first day of heavy wind/rain since having the bunnies.... and realised we need a cover!

    We need a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft cover - does anyone know where is best to get these? or can you just make one yourself with plastic sheeting (if so where would you buy it)?


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    What sort of hutch is it? Pets at Home sell them if it's one of theirs.

    We used shower curtains around our aviary which has worked really well.

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    Have you had a look here

    We have one of their waterproof covers that used to go over our Kendal Hutch and Run from Home and Roost, the cover is this one It's currently saying out of stock on there, but should be available elsewhere.

    Alternatively I think you can get them custom made.

    We've since taken the hutch and run apart, but the cover is still in use over one of our other runs. The good thing is that you can roll up the front without having to take off the whole thing.

    Alternatively we have used tarpaulins and bungees for some of our runs. You can get clear ones if you prefer x

    (Eta have found the one we have on Amazon if you search for 6ft Chartwell Single Hutch Hugger 181x65.5x63cm by Scratch and Newton, I think it would fit wouldn't it?)
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    Thanks ThreeB's will measure tomorrow



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