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    I have found a baby bunny rabbit (I think heís roughly about 2 months old) Ė he was by a tree Ė and I initially thought he was stunned, however, itís clear heís got some kind of problem, he canít stand up without rolling over and doesnít seem to be Ďwith ití. He does eat but has to be fed Ė I canít put it in with my three as I donít know if he has any kind of disease Ė please help? I donít want to just abandon him and heís in good condition Ö.. so I do think the mother has been looking after it

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    If he is in good condition it is likely his current problem happened quickly or he would not be in good condition (or his mother was still feeding him even though he is old enough to be weaned).
    You are wise not to allow your three next to the wild bunny. I would see if your SPCA would have the names of anyone who deals with wild bunnies.

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