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Thread: Refusing quality over muesli

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheThreeB's View Post
    Thank MM, It's always good to look at things from different angles. It's hard to know if you are making the right choices, it seems like with rabbits especially there are so many ways to go about things.

    I was pleased this evening though to see that she had eaten all of this mornings Science Selective and she started tucking into her Spring Greens when I gave them to her. She's also getting through the hay x

    Good news!

    I had a rabbit recently and she had never eaten fresh veggies. I gave her a little carrot and greens and she looked absolutely disgusted. And continued to be so for a very long time! However, in the end she succumbed and enjoys it all along with the others now

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    Good girl, Blossom, you'll be glad you decided that "Mum knows best"

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    Thank you both x

    **created by my DD Lionheadlop**

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarahP View Post
    I think there is a tendency to see pellets as a health food and muesli as junk. Not that I'm saying muesli is great, but I don't think they are polar opposites (if that makes sense). The main thing is hay anyway, so it's great that Blossom is a good hay eater.
    I agree with this. I switched Doughnut over to science select and tried Oxbow too but then she started her digestion issues and when I got her back from the specialist she was on muesli! He said keep it simple just muesli and hay and if they only have a bit of muesli and eat all of it and have lots of hay it isn't bad for them. The main thing as we all know is hay. I give Doughnut 18g a day split into two potions, she weights 1.2kg. She always eats her favourite bits first but the pellets are soon gone too.

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    I personally think that dry food is such a small part of the diet that it doesn't really matter too much!



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