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    Hello guys, not been on for a while had it going on lately. Recently moved to a bungalow with a massive back garden all secure for my rabbit, he left to run around the whole garden as it's so secure and his cage is open from 7.30 am until 9pm most days and loves it outside hopping about exploring and playing with the dogs.

    I've just had some nice new wooden steps built yesterday which cost quite abit and don't want him to chew them he had a quick nibble earlier until I moved him on, he has loads of toys and plenty of wood around the garden to nibble on etc so was wondering if there are any homemade anti chew sprays I can make to spray on them to stop him from chewing them. I brought one from pets at home in my last house and it's didn't stop him chewing my gate haha.

    Thanks in advance

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    Would a bit of vinegar spray maybe help? They hate the smell/taste of it! Diluted in some water and listed over?

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    Put a little vinegar onto a cloth and wipe over. Normally works well. If not I've discovered they don't like the taste of bees wax and it waterproofs

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