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Thread: Only 4 spays to go now then they are all done

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    Well done It must feel like you're living in a rabbit sanatorium at the moment What a relief though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willow and squiggles View Post
    Finally got them all spayed and neutered. A big sigh of relief here. Pixie didnt recover quickly at all i had to syringe her recovery food through the night but by 5am she started eating again. All the rest bounced back really quick. The 4 girls are still inside yet because esme and echo still have their 3 day check yet on monday. They all have the 10 day check together on saturday and then hopefully all will be signed off. Its been a long haul and not to mention expensive to get them all spayed/neutered but all 13 buns i have left are finally done. Going to give the 4 girls their meloxidyl now. Lucky me catching them is the hardest.

    wow, so much to do!

    I'm really glad this period is coming to an end, and bunny stability ought to reign from now onwards

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    This reminds me of times when I've gotten several bunnies or cats fixed at once. I can well remember the relief of them being done and not having it in the back of my mind of needing to do anymore! I think my record was 4 buns in one day, and then on a separate occasion, 5 or 6 cats in one day. Probably better to space it out a bit like you've done though! Well more so with the buns in case of complications, needing to do meds, etc - the cats never really have any problems at all.



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