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Thread: My Daisy Moomin passed on Saturday :(

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    Default My Daisy Moomin passed on Saturday :(

    Hi everyone, you may have seen my story about my Daisy flower on the Health section.

    My Daisy passed on Saturday the 15th July 2017, around 5:15pm.

    In February of this year I noticed Daisy had a small lump near her hind leg, she was taken to the vet straightaway where it was aspirated and all came back ok. Vets didn't want to operate because the lump wasn't causing problems and they said they didn't want to operate due to her age. The 'stupid lump' as I called it to Daisy finally took her from us

    I'd like to make a little tribute to Daisy's life instead of thinking of the stupid lump which took her.

    Daisy came into our life after Nibbles passed away. Nibbles was Basil's Bunwife and as we didn't want him to feel alone we went on the search of a girl bunny. My mum called around a few places to see if they had a girl bunny who we could see, it just happened that a pet place 20miles away had a girl bunny for us. The lady on the phone told us she was a fluffy little thing, so we got in the car and drove there. We'd never really seen an angora before and it wasn't the usual bunny we went for, but as soon as we saw the little ball of white fluff who's face you couldn't see we knew she was ours. We paid the lady and walked outside, as soon as the door closed mum said 'this is Daisy', we both looked at each other and laughed and carried the little box to the car excitedly.
    When we got Daisy home she smelt like perfume, really strong perfume, so god knows what they'd done to her but I got a feeling she liked to be groomed. I did my research on angora bunnies and grooming. I'd sit every day on the sofa grooming this little ball of fluff and she seemed happy at being groomed. Daisy and Basil bonded and we supervised them as they got to know each other. Basil hadn't been neutered though and we knew Daisy would have to be spayed due to cancer risks, however we found out we'd have to wait a few months for her to be spayed. We'd give Basil and Daisy times to roam the house as we didn't want any pregnancies. Somehow though Basil and Daisy mated and we awaited the babies.
    Daisy would dig tunnels in the garden and carry grass in her mouth down these tunnels, we had to keep covering them over and when we knew her time was near we kept her in the spare room. Daisy gave birth to 7 babies, all boys. She was a wonderful mother. As the babies grew they became really naughty and she'd go to the garden for some peace and quiet. I use to find the babies sitting on the windowsill and one day I returned to their room to find the toilet roll I'd left in there all over the room, like an Andrex advert
    When the 7 babies came of age my parents spoke of giving them to good homes, I cried my eyes out and when it came to it mum couldn't do it either, so we kept all of her babies We saved up and had six of the boys neutered, apart from Runty who I felt was too weak to be put through the procedure. Daisy was spayed at the same time as the boys. When Daisy was spayed we took her back to have her stitches out but she'd taken her own out lol.
    As we couldn't keep all the bunnies in the house we bought a big garden shed for them with heating and kept Daisy, Patch,Sweep and Parsnip, Roger and Spot there as they'd all bonded well. Sweetpea had been bullied by his brothers so ended up living in my parents room. Runty on the other hand had bonded with Basil at 3-4weeks old and moved into my room, where he still lives, however his daddy Basil passed in 2012.

    I'm blabbing on so I'll try to make it a little shorter. In 2013 Spot, Parsnip and Roger died of suspected RHD2 and I was completely broken by this. In a panic after this we moved Daisy, Sweep and Patch into the dining room and kept them locked in for weeks. Daisy, Patch and Sweep remained in the house since. My nana also passed away in october 2013 and we popped her old chair into the dining room, Daisy, Sweep and Patch made this chair their bed, they have slept underneath it since.

    Daisy Last Saturday went into the garden for the last time for a play. When I saw her running for the door I guessed it would be her last time to the garden. Due to her lump I always supervised her as I didn't want her to feel scared that she couldn't move as quickly as she usually would.
    That Thursday me and mum traveled to Tesco to buy her her favourite carrot tops and basil plants, when I got them and took them to her she wasn't as keen as she usually was and I guessed the time was near. That night I caught her falling asleep with hay in her mouth too. She rapidly became weaker that night and we got the indoor hutch out from the shed and popped a duvet in there so she wouldn't hurt herself. She became weak and we propped her up and made her comfortable and cosy. She became very sleepy and just very tired. I gave her a lot of cuddles and kisses and on Thursday night she licked my hand and as I held her paw she squeezed my hand.
    On Saturday we knew the end was very near, I picked her up and kissed and cuddled her and she snuggled up to me under my neck which was her favourite place. I felt as though she was clinging on to please us, so I popped her back in her bed and told her I'd see her soon and that I loved her.
    Me and mum popped to the pet shop to grab food for the boys as it was getting late, we also knew that if we left the house she'd pass. Within 30mins of us leaving the house I phoned my dad and he said she was about to pass.
    I got home saw her and she'd gone.

    Daisy was a courageous, feisty, cheeky, smart, loving, funny little girl. Daisy loved to throw things at me and she knew she made me laugh so did it more. When she was a little baby she would run into my room in the morning get under the bed covers and bite my private parts lol. Daisy always had this thing for giving me love bites, from a young age up until her last week she liked to give me a passionate nip. It was her cheeky way of affection and I loved it, even though it brought me to tears sometimes when she bit my boob lol.

    I just want to say I love you Daisy and I'm so grateful and feel so blessed that you came into our lives, you've been the most amazing little girl and I'll love you forever. When I pass one day I hope youre there to meet me and make me smile again. I love you.


    A box each lol. You all loved to sit in your boxes next to each other
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    Twickenham Veterinary Surgery- Competent and compassionate Rabbit Savvy Vets in SW London

    Cases of Suspected and Confirmed RHD2 deaths are on the rise again. This highly respected FB page provides up to date, accurate and reliable information about disease outbreaks . The RWAF and some Vets contribute to the well run Group

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    My sincere condolences on the loss of Daisy. She was a lovely bunny. I'm sure she is watching over you from the Bridge.

    Sleep well, Daisy. xxxx

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    This is such a lovely tribute. What a beautiful relationship you had together, you were both truly blessed to have found each other. Binky free Daisy xxx

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    A lovely tribute to a special bunny sleep tight Daisy xx

    Thinking of you and sending hugs xx

    Binky free at the bridge Boots, you will never be forgotten xxxx

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    Lovely tribute and lovely pics I'm so sorry

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    I'm so sorry you lost your beautiful girl. Hugs xxx

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    What a lovely tribute to Daisy

    She was blessed to have you christina. I hope and your Mum are OK xx

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    I knew this would make me cry.
    As predicted your tribute to Daisy is beautiful, she really was a stunning girl full of personality!
    She really landed on her feet when you went to pick her up that day, it sounds like she had a wonderful life.
    I'm fundraising for Rabbit Rescue North West

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    a beautiful tribute to your gorgeous girl, you've continued to do her proud xx



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