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It can be just as hard to find a good breeder as it is to find a good rescue IME, sadly. I'd like to go to either one - I don't think there's anything wrong with a good breeder - but I don't drive either so it's a bit tricky.

Free ads are a good way to rescue bunnies needing homes as well, though maybe not quite as convenient as a rescue in terms of them being already neutered, health checked etc
I don't mind the health checks and neutering too much I'm more than prepared to do anything that is needed for a little fluff. I completely agree with it being difficult though I want to be responsible and help a bun out ect but in the same breath I will admit to just wanting to be able to pick up a baby bun and add to my little family.

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They are, yes. But you can't take them back if they don't bond or you can't cope with them, as you can with a rescue
This is actually something I hadn't considered yet, although I have had 'problem' animals in the past that needed particular changes to normal care in order for them to be happy and I certainly understand the challenges involved, but any fur baby I bring in as long as I can provide a happy safe life for them I will.... even if i just want to cuddle (but I know that would result in loss of limb on my part haha)

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