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Thread: possible case of flystrike, please help!

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    she has a cup full of Burgess Excel (the one specifically for baby's and dwarf bunnies) for breakfast; which she'll continue to eat throughout the day (very rarely finishing the whole lot), this time of year she's eats quite a lot of carrot tops and dandelion leafs in the daytime plus some fancy Oxbow Orchard Grass hay, and for dinner she gets a bowl full of grated carrot. This has to go through the food processor as her lower jaw bone is worn out (she's on Loxicom for this).

    her drinking water has to be completely administered from syringes (15 small ones throughout the day) as she stopped drinking from her bottle by herself about a year ago, I suspect this was down to the problem with her lower jaw. She will sometimes drink from a bowl but not nearly enough.

    This time of year she'll spend the day ether in her run in the garden or on the floor in the lounge or my room (depending on the temperature), she normally sleeps in her hutch (which is indoors). The bedding in the hutch mostly consists of regular hay with a tiny bit of sawdust underneath where she goes to the bathroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skinnypig View Post
    hi, thanks for all the replies
    As of Monday morning Annifrid seems to be doing ok, the flystrike looks like it was thankfully a false alarm. The maggots seem have crawled on to her rather then hatched on her (ground zero seemed to be in the corner of her hutch where she goes to the bathroom)

    I called the vet on Friday morning to try and explain the situation and we had an appointment later that day. After an examination (both inside and out) no signs of flystrike were found.

    She's been proscribed baytril for a pre-existing chest condition and some cream for a sour bum. I'm a little concerned about the baytril as I've had a very bad past experience with antibiotics, I've heard some gurgling from her tummy and her appetite seems to be a tiny bit down. I'm also monitoring her poop, hopefully I'm just being paranoid!

    Anyway, it looks like we dodged a bullet! We have a followup appointment on Friday and I'll report back when I have some updates!

    thanks again!

    Thanks for coming back, and I hope all goes well at the vet x



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