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    Hi, I wanted to buy some high quality rabbit pellets for my 10 month old lionhead. I've read that the best brands are Oxbow and Burgess, but I'm not sure what should I be buying. Maybe some of you could give me an advice? He's not really eating any pellets at the moment, but is prone to GI problems. Right now he eats his grass hay, fresh grass, dill, some pea flakes and dried apple as a treat. He's a picky eater, so maybe you could recommend something more appetizing for him? Thanks in advance.

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    I've always been told that as pellets make up such a small amount of a rabbits diet it doesn't matter too much what you feed them pellet wise. I feed science selective, both my 4 month old and 9 year old rabbit eat the junior ones as they live together and it's easier to feed one type as they'll probably eat out of each other's bowl anyway! I find this food to be very good

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    having done nutrition and research, for me pellet is very important. many pellets contain maize, corn or just general fillers and are to bulk out the product, this is also their main and biggest ingredient. some do not also contain the correct amount of fibre, protein etc in them either.. its either too high or too low. feeding a bad pellet is like feeding a bun a big mac every day. pellet is unhealthy anyhow, and a bad pellet is even unhealthier in a sense. if you had a human child who ate vegetables and fruit, and as a treat fed them a big mac also every day, that would be pretty unhealthy no matter the good stuff they eat!

    generally this is more of a concern with dogs as some dog foods are utter garbage and actually disgusting.

    anyhow, i used this site myself to learn a bit more (which also got me a bit obsessed in researching this stuff) about pellet, and it also gives you a list of the most well known pellet brands. it gives you an overlook if their fibre is too low, protein too high etc, and the ones that perfectly meet everything are highlighted green for ease!

    oxbow, burgess and selective are all good brands

    i know my bunny had a sensitive tum and i had him on Excel Rabbit Sensitive Nuggets for a period of time. i also believe Versele-Laga do a senstive tummy brand too from when i looked around.

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    I feed Science Selective. I was also going to recommend the link that binkyCodie has suggested. I would suggest that you consider using one of the ones highlighted as being healthy, buy a small bag and try your rabbit with each for a little while to see if the pellet both agrees with your rabbit and also is liked by your rabbit.

    Another couple of suggestions would be Fibafirst ( or Vet-care Digestive Formula (

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    I would recommend science selective or fibre first, we find excel sometimes causes digestive upset. We feed Science selective at the rescue also.
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    I use Natural's Meadow Menu which goes down really well with all my rabbits. I found burgess excel was too rich for our lion head so we moved them all to Meadow Menu and have no issues. I like it's all natural as well. We also feed fibafirst as a treat.

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