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Thread: New to the forum...!

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    Eta of hutch next Wednesday or Thursday.

    Eta of rabbits by end of next week

    I'll need them! Got a rubbish week of work coming up!

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    Now the hutch is on it's way we have ordered a fair bit of stuff....................

    - 20kg Timothy Hay
    - 5kg Science Selective
    - A little house for them to run through
    - A snugglesafe tube thing
    - Some wicker balls
    - Two hanging baskets for hay
    - Water bottle
    - Water bowl
    - Food bowl
    - Bedding
    - Straw
    - Mesh (for the edge of run/gap under gate...)
    - Snugglesafe to keep them warm

    Think we're pretty much ready for them now! Hoping to get them next weekend!



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