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Thread: Addition of hawthorne berries to other foods

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    My apologies, I meant for the poor bunny. I guess even if I bread from them at some point the poor sole will have to get the cut or I will be knee deep in bunnies!

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    I'm not sure why you feel the bunny would be 'poor' for being neutered? Much better for rabbits of both sexes to be castrated/spayed rather than having raging hormones which they can do nothing about and just lead to frustration. There are cancer dangers with un-neutered rabbits. The other big benefit, of course, is that they can then be bonded - and the majority of rabbits are happier when living with a companion.

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    As you say you would be knee deep in rabbits if they were allowed to breed at will.

    It is generally considered to be better for their health to be castrated/spayed. I have a quad of rabbits who live in a shed/run set up and who have a couple of hours free range time every afternoon (small garden would be demolished if they had any longer).

    I agree that foraging is a good natural way to feed your rabbits.

    I personally feel that due to the high numbers of rabbits in rescue and being given away on gumtree, etc that it is better not to breed more. They are designed to breed and breed and their hormones make them very excitable. Even spayed/castrated rabbits exhibit signs of spring fever, when they can get humpy and shirty with each other due to the extending daylight.

    I hope you find a way of providing a nice life style for your rabbits with plenty of forage and rabbit company.



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