So I took my 9 year old lion head for his annual vaccinations at the weeeknd. I've had fears for the past year he was going blind/is blind. Last year the vet wasn't concerned but I asked again this year and she was able to put her finger within touching distance before he reacted :-(. Apparently he can only see shapes very close up. Now, although I had strong suspicions about it I'm devestated by the news. We sadly lost a 10 year old bunny 6 months ago who was also blind but loved human interaction but managed to cope (the two were bonded & lived in the same hutch) so I'm feeling as though he's slipping away. He's not a one for cuddles but every so often over the past 6 months he's loved the attention. I've tried to let him into the house to roam when the weather has been bad but he's just sat there (I'm assuming because he doesn't know the layout as he's an outdoor bunny). Any advice as I want him to have the company he needs (when he wants it!) as I know time isn't on our side anymore.