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Thread: Benjie le bun bun

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    I'm so very sorry to hear about Benjie. We talked about him a little and I know that he was very special to you.
    Your knowledge has helped to make me a better rabbit owner so I have no doubt that Benjie had the most wonderful life with you, you go above and beyond!
    Sleep tight sweet boy and all the love in the world to you.
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    So very sorry xxx

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    Such a lucky little bunny to have found you. Thinking of you at such a tough time. Sweet dreams Benjie xx


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    Really sorry 😔 it's so hard but sounds like you gave him all you could. Xx

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    I am so sorry. It sounds like he had a good life with you and was quite the character.

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    My thoughts are with you. He was such a lucky bunny, in all ways and know your home won't be the same now.

    Binky free Benjie x
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    I'm so sorry to hear this Judy. Sleep tight Bengie. xx

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    Benjie sounds like he truly landed on his paws with you. He couldn't have asked for better care and attention. The relationship you shared must have been incredible. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. xxx
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    Oh my but I'm quiet overwhelmed by all your kind posts.
    I can't reply to you all, but it's lovely to "meet" so many friends from the "old days" again & it's been a long time.

    Thank you all so very much, it's been such a great help to me, & very unexpected because I didn't post much about him.
    I suppose that the only thing of interest to others was his change in behaviour during snuffles flare up. His early experience left him excessively aware of his vulnerability to predation, so his compromised sense of smell during flare up, caused some unusual behaviours. eg he had normal vision, but would attempt to make up for his lack of smell by head bobbing & periscoping a lot. "Is it alive? Is it dangerous?" & he couldn't recognise me so easily".

    I'd like to add that foraging for a sick rabbit is totally different from a healthy rabbit. A healthy rabbit will eat a wide variety of forage, but a sick rabbit is eating for medication & in my experience confines themselves to a very narrow diet. It's as though they are saying "that food doesn't help me so there's no point eating it". I've looked up some of the medicinal properties of the plants Thumper & Benjie chose, but at the end of the day they could have chosen them for totally different reasons - reasons we're unaware of.

    I DO have one good tip onan unsavoury topic. Benjie came with pin worm infestation, but in view of treating his pasteurellosis we decided to leave it until later. The eggs contaminate the environment so reinfection can be a problem.
    I'd left a box of blackthorn leaves on the floor & was quite shocked to find Benjie had hopped in & was devouring them. After a stasis prone rabbit I was a habitual poop gazer & checked the tray whenever I went into the room. So I saw the worms on the poops before they had dried out & become invisable. Benjie cleared himself out within less than 48 hours! About 2 months later I was totally unaware he had become reinfested except he started blackthorn again. 6 worms came out. There was a repeat about 2 months later & that was the end of it. Blackthorn has to be collected at a very specific time of year/stage of growth to be suitable for rabbits. This is discussed on old threads. I mention this because Benjie knew he had reinfested at a much earlier stage than I did, so he was able to stop environmental contamination which I wouldn't have been able to do.

    I'm OK just grieving normally my eyes are "incontinent" - the standard things of thinking the smallest noise is him hopping round the house - then remembering. Looking at the shadowy bedroom threshold where he lay up at night to stroke him in passing - seeing a black rabbit in the shade isn't easy!! The house feels very empty. Saying to the very kind receptionist "No he wasn't my baby". Then realising that the relationship was much more equal than that, love and resept for each other's needs more like an incredibly undemanding partner. We only had "rows" when he was learning how to be a rabbit without destroying the house, or I did something "nasty" such as vet visits, & got the rabbit "order of the bum" which needed suitable appeasement. I'd tickle his bum until he turned round, then there were lots of nose rubs until we'd made up.

    Benjie was unique in another way. He is literally my only furry friend who got away with "teeth on". "Teeth not allowed" has always been the big rule in my house.
    He frightened me the 1st time. I'd been stroking him which made him very relaxed, almost sleepy, & removed my hand. He moved so fast, I thought he was lunging. & then grabbed my finger incredibly gently, so I could barely feel it.It was just that he hadn't returned the complement of licking (grooming) me! & was telling me not to remove my hand. I had a few "nose holds" in his eagernes to return the complement too. Benjie was pure love. So yes, of course I'm tearful, but feel one of the most blessed of people. I couldn't imagine it possible to be given so much love, & be asked for so little.

    Thank you so much for your replies everyone. it means so much to me.

    I apologise to those I've neglected & ask your understanding that we had a lot of problems to sort out, & needed innovative answers. I couldn't focus outside our own difficulties.

    I feel I need to apologise particularly to RoxyRoller & Sylar, but think Tonibun cracked your problems!
    Sylar & Benjie could have been identical twins before one of Benjies ears grew slightly larger than the other & lopped.

    Mentioning binkies. Benjie was a bit "back heavy". He eventually managed a proper binkie with 4 feet off the ground, but usually did back end or front end binkies with a tail wag! I think there was a lot of Beveran in him.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss, he was obviously very loved x



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