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Thank you J&B and Daphnepheobe.

You have both really helped me make my mind up and I think you are both so right. I'm going to stick to a male for the bond. I have looked in our rescue but they rarely have many rabbits and the ones they have never seem to be compatible with our family life such as "No children preffered" "no other pets" ect so I'm going to keep looking. But for a boy. I refuse to go to P@H even though id be tempted if I seen them. I'l check again though. Thank you so much. You really helped me to nip my temptation in the bud for a girl. And yes I think the 3rd bond failed because it was too soon for her. And she does like boys she used to go over to my other bunny run (She free roams) and sit beside my other buck who was bonded to another doe he would groom her through the mesh.. his wife was not happy about that. So okay. On the look out for a boy.. x
Whereabouts are you? And are you still looking at contis as tameside has some baby contis in, in need of homes