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Thread: How long before we can let them in the garden

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    Default How long before we can let them in the garden

    So day two of bonding Alex (doe)and yoshi (buck£ They have been together all day with no fighting at all 😳 And Alex has been grooming yoshi lots and occasionally yoshi returns the favour . We have had them in yoshi' enclosure to try and make Alex less dominant (which seems to be working) they have slept, ate groomed and ignored . We have a side garden which isn't entirely bunnyproof but is a neutral area where I have been playing goose berry on outdoor bunny dates . Alex sometimes nips yoshi and he turns but doesn't attack back which seems to relax Alex and she grooms him.... how long before we can 1. Leave them together full time & 2. Let them in the garden which they have both been in before individually ?

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    Im in a similar position. Lu a died in december. Eclipse couldnt cope without a companion. So his human uncle and i drove to an adoption centre with him to choose a new friend. It has been 6 months now they are just begining to be together physically. We bought a hex agonal run for £20 on amazon. See pic so they could be safely bonding. Now slowly going runless for 15 mins each evening.

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    I'd leave them until there has been nothing but positive behaviour for a week or 2 before they can explore the garden again. Leaving them together is a difficult judgement call. I'd try not to break them up now if you can but I like to bond as fast as poss. Baby toys (jingle balls) are good as if they start chasing they'll create a commotion that will probably alert you

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    Is Yoshis' enclosure inside or outside? Also ideally any bonding area should be completely neutral. So I probably wouldn't use his enclosure, unless you have no other option.

    If they are inside, then I wouldn't worry too much about letting them into the garden yet, as I think too much too soon can set things back.

    When we've done bonding, we have usually tried to keep them together full time from the off. But this isn't for everyone and I guess depends on how they interact and how much you can keep watch. We were lucky in that we had a bonding pen set up in our bedroom and could keep a close eye on them.

    Our latest bond we kept them in the neutral pen for around a week, before creating the same set up in the next room (their eventual home at the time) for another week. After which we let them have the whole room. They have since moved outside, but this was weeks later, not for bonding reasons, but because we had another new addition.

    Obviously some people choose to take a slower approach, short dates etc and increasing the time they spend together. I'm sure you will find what works best for you and your buns.

    Good luck x

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