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Thread: E-cuniculi infection - Flossie

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    so sorry x
    Lance got your wings 31/7/13. I will never forget u my gentle sensitive soul x x x Rosie my beautiful baby girl. . Said goodbye on 6/7/15. Brave Code, u made us so proud my gentle boy. Hope all of you is working now my snuffler,
    22 August 2016. Oliver my gentle baby boy, hope you have found the others, 30th July 2017. Will never forget you all my angels.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss x

    **created by my DD Lionheadlop**

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    Hi. As many on here know my baby went down with e cuniculi 4 yrs ago. It never left her system just went into remission. The specialist put her on septrin paedriatric suspension and panecur.

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