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Thread: Help with waterproofing hutch

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    I am currently building my 4 rabbits a playhouse and run set up. However one of my rabbits is an Angora so cannot get wet! I need some ideas of what to use to cover the rabbits run and keep the dry, it would also need to be suitable for winter and summer and I'm worried that if I use tarpaulin or a clear sheet that I would get too hot for them inside the run in summer! Any suggestions would be fantastic!!

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    If the run is made of mesh panels, it shouldn't get hot as long as there is a good amount of covering to provide shade as the sun moves. A tarpaulin will do the job. You can get different colours eg green camouflage.

    I use this on the runs:

    It can be screwed down on a wooden framed run, or tie with rope on wire runs. On one run, I have a loose sheet to pull across the opening lid section (weighted with bricks on long planks in windy weather), but it could be cut to fit and screwed down (use the special plastic fittings or large washers to stop the screws tearing out).

    It keeps the rain out and provides shade - but grass won't grow under that amount of permanent shade.

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    I use clear corrugated sheets on the roof of the run which do a good job of keeping the rain off. At first I secured these with ratchet straps but I've since increased the height of the run so I can stand in it and I screwed them down to the roof panels. Rain does still get in at the sides a bit, I currently only have a clear shower curtain on one side as a temporary measure but will be getting clear tarp. Slightly worried how the tarp will hold up in high winds over the winter though. On a hot day I will just remove it to let air flow through.

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    Two of our runs have roof panels made from wood and covered with felt, one of which we did ourselves. Was really easy, just asked the wood merchant to cut it to size and bought a roll of felt. One side is removable if necessary, but it does provide shade so I tend to leave it on when it's sunny x

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