Hi guys,

I have referred back to all you lovely people for over a year since getting our first bun and the advice we've found on this forum has helped SOOOO much!! But this time I just can't find the answer I'm looking for RE bonding and housing, so hopefully someone who knows the answer will see this!

We have had our existing bun, a 2 year old male lop for about 18 months now - he has settled into our chaotic family wonderfully well, and he has a ton of company between ourselves, our 2 year old daughter and our Saint Bernard, but I can sense he's craving some bunny love. We've been looking into bonding and have all the necessary equipment ready to go (minus the new girlfriend!) but I want to be 100% sure on one particular thing before we dive in!

Our boy is housed in a 2-tier hutch in our conservatory, which is basically the rabbit-room! We had planned to erect a single hutch facing his existing hutch in this room with a run between the two hutches so both buns have a good run, hiding places, and can lay next to each other with only the mesh fencing of the run between them (hope that makes sense!) which would be in-keeping with everything we've read so far. We'd be bringing her into his room to live, and then providing a neutral space for their supervised dates!

My query is this:
Chances are good that our new lady bun will need to be neutered after we've gotten her (he is already neutered) - should we house the lady bun elsewhere in the house until she is fully recovered from her surgery i.e. 6 weeks, and then move them into the same room so they can see each other??
OR can we immediately house her with him following the neutering because they cannot get to each other anyway and then only introduced them once she's recovered (after the 6 weeks)?? OR can we even house them in the same room whilst we're awaiting her neutering surgery??

Please, Please provide an advice you can. We are absolutely desperate to make this bonding a success as I couldn't bare having to give the new bun up if it didn't take, and I'm just not happy to go ahead until we've clarity on this!

Best Wishes and Bunny Love to All!!