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Thread: Russ and Iddy Bonding Update - Two Females

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    Default Russ and Iddy Bonding Update - Two Females


    So, Iddy (my existing neutered house bun) moved out from the house to a hutch. Russ moved in whilst her spay healed. Russ has now moved outside in a hutch next to Iddy. Meanwhile, when its been dry the buns have been out in runs next to each other, and my two legged girls have been swapping their "teddies" to help with scent and sharing. Utility room inside where they will hopefully live together has been white vinegar'd and at some point I need to do the rest of the house.

    So this is the end of the first week. Initially they didn't seem interested. My girls noticed yesterday that they were mostly sitting next to each other and grooming next to each other despite being in seperate runs - about 2 inch apart. We've been swapping toys and runs so they can get used to each other. I'm seeing this as positive, am I right? I am enjoying walking on the floor for the first time in nearly a year in bare feet! Would prefer them both back inside though.... bunny hops up the stairs... love 'um!

    I am surprised at people's reaction when I explain what we're doing in bonding them, "I never realised it was so complicated, can't you just put them together?" - I wish, but "No" :0)

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    Yes, all sounds good so far! Good luck!

    Rest in Peace my little Honey-Pie, I will love and miss you forever sweetheart xxxxxxxxxxx

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    All sounds good so far

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