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Thread: Extremely Aggresive bunny; Help?!?!?!

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    I agree with the advice that you've been given here regarding spaying and accommodation size. I just wanted to add that I have just seen my vet with one of my rabbits and she was telling me that she had successfully performed a dental on a tiny 12 year old Nethie this morning under GA. Anaesthetic for rabbits is not the risk that it once was especially with a rabbit savvy vet. Good advice to ask for recommendations in your area.

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    My rabbit is the same. She went to get spayed and was also too small although she is a dutch. She cant be spayed at the mo as she has 2 week old babies. She has a hutch and run combo plus free range time once or twice a day. I have to chuck food in because she growls and goes for me (did this before babies came too). I used to have a separate hutch and run but had to change because when i went to get her out the run to put her back she would go for me. Sometimes while out she will flop next to me for a love but she hates me mostly. If there is food about she will ump at you lunging and growling, even human food. She has been a good mother though which has astounded all of us.

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    If spaying isn't an option, or until that can happen, you need to manage the behaviour by avoiding situations that trigger the aggression. Also try to avoid rewarding the behaviour e.g. providing food faster or moving out the way if they growl/lunge.

    So, for example, you might use food to encourage a bun into a carrier where you can leave them safely whilst cleaning the hutch so there isn't an opportunity for biting/growling at you whilst you clean.

    More tips here:



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