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    I would like to feed my one rabbit a home made diet. Can anyone recommend a suitable diet for a 4 1/2 pound pet rabbit who is free for 12 hours and boxed at night? He currently has hay, long-cut lucerne chaff, oats and vegetables/fruit. He also has pellets, but he is not keen on them and only eats a spoonful a day. I believe they are high in lucerne, and too much lucerne apparently causes problems with excess calcium, and if he's going to get lucerne, I'd rather he had it in the form of the best sweet hay/chaff rather than pellets. At least hay benefits his teeth/digestive process better than the powdered stuff in the pellets. Also, the pellets do have vit/min added, but unless the pellets are being consumed at the recommended rate on the bag, the rabbit won't be getting the full benefit of them, would he? I would rather add my own vit/min additive to his food or water, if he in fact needs such additives. I realise pellets are convenient and useful for people with a lot of rabbits or in commercial situations, but I'd prefer to feed plain food. Surely people had healthy rabbits in the days before pellets? All ideas, opinions, menus or whatever appreciated! Thanks.
    Anna & Tweed

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    If you cut out pellets it sounds like his diet is pretty much ok to start with. Just make sure you feed a variety of fresh stuff so he gets the full range of vitamins. Some herbs are good to, if your not feeding those already.




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