Hi everyone

I got a boy and girl mini lop ten days ago. They are both 16 weeks old and the boy has been neutered.

They will eat from my hand (initially reluctant to approach me) but afterwards will run into the corner. The person I bought them from has told me to pick them up and lap bed train them for about 5-10 minutes a day. However, they both hide when I approach them. The girl has got used to being picked up now but hides in the corner when I try to pick her up. The boy struggles when I pick him up. They are fine once they've been picked up as I hold them close to my chest and stroke them and are fine in the lap bed.

What should I do about them ignoring and hiding from me when they are in their cage? The person I got them from has 30 years experience and has said this is unusual as they are normally very inquisitive - I must be doing something wrong but these are the first pets I have ever had. I know I've only had them for 10 days but I don't want them to be scared of me.

Any tips and advice would really be appreciated.

Thanks x