I noticed Glenn ratty was quiet the past week, he was elderly and the last one of his brothers so this was expected. But then he developed a lump on his leg which was growing very rapidly and he began to be unable to hold foods and hold himself up. These are symptoms of a pituitary tumour which I also lost two out of three of his brothers to. We took him to the vets and she wasn't too concerned about his leg as that could be removed, but did suspect pituitary as well. This can't be confirmed without an MRI, but poor Glenn had just lost the ability to function normally and he just wasn't there. Without any ratty company or support and at his age we all thought it was best not to put him through operations and treatment, especially when I had tried to treat his brothers and none regained any function or improved. So he was put to sleep, he went very quickly and peacefully. He is now back with his brothers and Blu ratty, I am glad they are back together but upset that I have lost Glenn and have no ratties. Glenn was most shy out of my group, but was the first one to become friendly with Blu and accept when I first got the youngsters to keep old Blu company. He was the one who kept things nice and calm between the group I believe! Run free Glenn, back with your friends now