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i don't have anything like the experience of others here but if i've learned one thing about bunnies it all takes time..lots of it !

i ended up with a bunny by 'accident' .. my first ever bunny .. and first ever difficult animal ! she would nip my ankles and any other body parts thatgot in her way she had been in three homes in as many months and lived in way too small a cage and wasnot yet spayed.. with hindsight it is hardly surprising she was as she was.

two years down the line she is a different soul .. she has a wingbun ( which definitely impacted on our relationship but was the best thing i've done for any animal i've ever had) and lives outdoors (mostly) where she is happier.

my cats love me ... my bunnies appreciate me being their food conduit ... but they have learned i will do them no harm and i have found the gaining of their trust to be a wonderful .. if frustratingly slow experience.

i don't know what will happen with your bunny but as her environment changes and she learns you are not a threat things could change... a lot
Thanks Grifski It's great that things have improved so much.

Most likely Dotties start in life has contributed to her behaviour too. I do think the spaying and getting her a friend has helped, but theres more work to do to win her round. She's the only one of our 8 buns that's like this, but not the only one who's come from a less than ideal background. Nevertheless I'm committed to giving her a good life, on her terms lol x