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    Some of you may remember mumma bun and her 2 litters. The older babies who are now almost 14 weeks have all gone to their new homes and are doing brilliantly I actually got praised on how lovely sweet and confident they are so I was extremely happy and a little embarrassed (I don't do praise very well lol) The youngsters who are now 9 weeks and a day old are still with me whilst I find perfect homes (I won't let my babies go just anywhere) Mumma bun is still looking abit skinny for my liking (all my buns have round tums even the babies) night before last night I actually caught the babies still suckling from her which explains why she hasn't put on much weight. Don't get me wrong she's not skin and bone and the vet says she a fine weight but I like my buns to be a little porkier. I'm now 24 hrs into bonding her back to daddy bun (castrated of course) and my 2 girls. I cannot believe how easy it's been there was a little chasing and dominance mounting for about an hour but since then nothing. The four of them are happily running around together. The babies looked abit peed off at not having their mumma but she needs time to heal and recover I couldn't believe she was still allowing them to feed. It was lovely last night having my buns altogether with me my partner was less impressed he got bitten (they don't bite me or the kids tho so I think he was being abit dramatic lol) and peed on lol. I tell him all the time if he wants to hug the buns he needs to do more with them they ain't like a dog who will just hug anyone. He wants all the benefits but none of the responsibilities with the buns. He thinks they hate him so I tell him no sweetie they just don't respect you he says they should respect the fact he buys their food etc. Head in hands that's not how buns work just stick to the dog lol. Secretly I love the fact my buns save all their snuggles for me.

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    I'm glad that everybun is doing well I hope you find nice homes for the remaining babies I'm sure rabbits know who understands them and who doesn't

    Binky free at the bridge Boots, you will never be forgotten xxxx



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